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What is the .AIF file type?

The primary association of the .aif filename extension belongs to the Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) and the related AIFF Audio File (.aif, .aiff) file type. AIFF is a proprietary lossless digital audio format developed by Apple Computer, Inc.

An .aif (or .aiff) file is a digital audio file in the AIFF format. AIFF uses no compression and stores plain PCM waveform data, usually 44 kHz/16-bit stereo. Along with WAV, AIFF is mainly used in professional audio-making for high-quality instrument samples, soundtracks, and loops. Uploading of AIFF samples is supported by a range of digital musical instruments. AIFF audio files (.aif, aiff) tend to be large, taking approximately 10 MB per 1 minute of recorded sound.

Due to the fact that the .aif (.aiff) extensions are also commonly used to denote audio files in the AIFC (a compressed version of AIFF) and the AIFF Apple Loops formats, some .aif (.aiff) files may not be playable in certain multimedia applications. Otherwise, AIFF audio files (.aif, .aiff) are relatively well supported by general-purpose multimedia players and authoring software.

Alternatively, the .aif extension occurs in association with the Accountant's Review Copy Export file (.aif) file type/format, referring to earlier versions of QuickBooks, a commercial bookkeeping software by Intuit, Inc. An .aif file is a means of delivery of any changes made by an accountant to a company's bookkeeping profile. Exported and sent by an accountant to his/her client company, AIF files are meant to be imported into the company's current profile to integrate the changes.

Apart from that, the .aif extension also stands for the Application Information File (AIF) file type and format with reference to Symbian OS, a now-legacy operating system for mobile devices. Compiled with the "aiftool" utility from a source file (.rss) and individual bitmaps (.bmp), an application information file (.aif) accompanies a Symbian OS executable application, matches its name, and provides its system bitmap icons (44×44 and 42×29 pixels).

Software to open or convert AIF files

You can open AIF files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
iTunes by Apple Inc.
QuickTime by Apple Inc.
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
KMPlayer by PandoraTV

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