GGT File Extension

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What is the .GGT file type?

The .ggt file extension denotes the GeoGebra Saved Tool File (GGT) file type and format associated with GeoGebra, a free open source educational application from the International GeoGebra Institute designed for teaching and learning mathematics in schools. In addition to its basic functionality, the software allows users to design their own construction tools on the basis of the existing ones and use them later to quickly generate necessary geometry objects.

A .ggt file is a custom-made construction tool to be added to the GeoGebra toolbar. Basically, it is just a renamed .zip package encapsulating an XML file storing the information about the corresponding tool and various images of the icon assigned to that tool. Therefore, besides GeoGebra, these .ggt files can be also opened with any ZIP file archiver utility like 7-Zip if their extension is changed to .zip.


Software to open or convert GGT files

You can open GGT files with the following programs:
GeoGebra by International GeoGebra Institute
GeoGebra by GeoGebra Inc.

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