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What is the .PDS file type?

The primary association of the .pds filename extension belongs to the CyberLink PowerDirector Project (.pds) file type and the PowerDirector Script (PDS) format. PDS is CyberLink's proprietary file format used by default for all project files created in CyberLink PowerDirector, a commercial video editor for Microsoft Windows.

PowerDirector project files (.pds) do not contain any actual multimedia data. Instead, they provide a list of references to audio and video clips, images, and other external files used in a project. Also, each .pds file saves the project's aspect ratio, all clip editing states, timeline arrangements, and any effects or transitions applied. To save a PowerDirector project with all its media clips in one place, one can use the "Pack Project Materials" command in the File menu.

PDS files can be opened in CyberLink PowerDirector only, provided the source media files are available in their referenced locations. From within PowerDirector, any project can be exported as a movie or produced as a DVD/Blu-ray disk.

Alternatively, the .pds extension belongs to the PDS Image (.pds) file type, with reference to the Planetary Data System (PDS) distributed datahouse maintained by NASA. PDS also defines a standard format for planetary images taken by space probes and satellites. PDS images often come with ASCII labels (.lbl) and may also have the .img extension. Via plugins, PDS images can be directly opened in certain graphics editors. A vast collection of planetary images is maintained by NASA's PDS Imaging Node.

The .pds filename suffix also relates to the Picture Description System (PDS) format, denoting the PDS Image (.pds) file type. PDS is a proprietary vector-based graphics format designed by Schlumberger to save and exchange oil well log data. The .pds file is a PDS metafile, a complex vector image generated by the Schlumberger field data acquiring software. Such .pds files can be opened, displayed, printed, and converted into other formats (incl. PDF and PostScript), using the free PDSView tool available for Microsoft Windows from Schlumberger.

Additionally, the .pds extension denotes the PALASM Description Specification (.pds) file type, with reference to the PALASM (PAL Assembler) hardware description language and software. Here, the .pds file is a text-based PALASM source code file that defines the design of a PAL (Programmable Array Logic) chip (e.g., PALCE16V8). Once written and checked, the .pds file is compiled by the PALASM compiler into a fuse map (.jed), to be used with a PAL device programmer.

Apart from that, several early versions of the Broderbund Print Shop software used the .pds filename suffix for their project files. The .pds file would represent a Print Shop print design in the legacy PDS format. Although deprecated since Print Shop 10, such files could still be opened in later Print Shop versions, up to version 21.

The .pds extension also serves as an ID label for system period files (.pds) created and utilized by the Teradata Workload Analyzer (WA) tool used by Teradata Database administrators. Such .pds files define system uptime periods to be associated with different workload levels.

Software to open or convert PDS files

You can open PDS files with the following programs:
CyberLink PowerDirector
CyberLink PowerDirector by CyberLink Corp.
PowerDirector by CyberLink Corp.
CyberLink PowerDirector
CyberLink PowerDirector by Nombre de su organización
CyberLink PowerDirector
CyberLink PowerDirector by Nom de votre société

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