Opening BAZ files

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What is the .BAZ file type?

The filename extension .baz denotes the Acomba Backup Archive (.baz) file type and format used by the Acomba suite of accounting, payroll, e-commerce, and management software for small-to-medium businesses from ACCEO Solutions Inc. As part of its functionality, Acomba provides an integrated backup-and-restore mechanism. Acomba backup copies are saved as .baz files.

The .baz file is a compressed and possibly encrypted archive containing a complete backup of a company's data (general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, reports, etc.) on a certain date. When creating a backup (.baz), the user can select which sections of the company data are to be included in it. Besides its default saving location "C:\F1000.DTA," .baz archives can be saved in any other folder.

In Acomba, backup and restore actions are accessible through the "File > Backup" menu item. Restoring a backup (.baz) into an existing Acomba company will replace all current data with the data stored in the backup. Alternatively, it can be restored to a new company for testing or data retrieval purposes.

Quite differently, possibly stemming from the Russian 'baza' (base), the .baz extension was also used by several ancient Russian accounting applications to denote their database files.

Software to open or convert BAZ files

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