CIB File Extension

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What is the .CIB file type?

The .cib filename extension is primarily used to denote the ChessBase Search Booster (.cib) file type associated with the ChessBase commercial chess-playing software for Microsoft Windows by ChessBase GmbH. For its licensed users, ChessBase provides access to its online portal that hosts millions of chess games, allows to set up online chess tournaments and analyze the resulting games or board positions. ChessBase supports several database formats (.cbh, .cbf, .cbone, etc.) and uses a number of auxiliary index files to speed up information search and access. Among those, .cib files specifically serve the purpose of reducing the time required to perform a search in a ChessBase database. Beside .cib, other index files such as .cit (tournament or team access index) are used. Index files like .cib or .cit are automatically created, updated, and deleted as necessary by ChessBase in the background, transparently to the user. During installation, ChessBase automatically registers its own file types, including .cib, and associates itself with them.

Alternatively, the .cib extension represents the Concordance Desktop Image Base (.cib) file type, which is used by Concordance Desktop, commercial litigation support and case management software by LexisNexis. The .cib file per se is an SQLite database that Concordance Desktop uses to store metadata for all native documents and images known to the program. For review or reference purposes, each such .cib file can be exported to a text-based list (.opt).

Software to open or convert CIB files

You can open CIB files with the following programs:
ChessBase by ChessBase
ChessBase by ChessBase GmbH
CBLight by ChessBase GmbH
CBReader by ChessBase GmbH
ChessBase Reader
ChessBase Reader by ChessBase

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