BDMV File Extension

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What is the .BDMV file type?

The .bdmv extension is directly related to the Blu-ray Disc (BD) digital multimedia format and optical media specification. Developed as DVD replacement, BD is designed to accommodate HD video, while providing the same or better interactivity as DVD. BD disks can be played with a number of standalone BD players or compatible optical drives (requires a computer and player software).

All BD disks have the standard directory structure that requires the presence of the "index.bdmv" file (general index of the entire disk content) and the "MovieObject.bdmv" file (index of all interactive Movie Objects) in the "BDMV" directory. Optionally, there may be the "sound.bdmv" file in the "AUXDATA" directory, being an index of interactive sound items (if any). The names and the locations of the .bdmv files are mandatory.

BDMV files are referenced during playback and are not meant to be directly opened. Such files do not contain any actual multimedia data, which is stored as a series of .m2ts files (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) under the "STREAM" directory.

AVCHD camcorders use BD-like structures, although mainly following the 8.3 naming convention (i.e., ".bdm" instead of ".bdmv").

Software to open or convert BDMV files

You can open BDMV files with the following programs:
MediaPlayerLite by MediaPlayerLite
VSO Media Player
VSO Media Player by VSO Software

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