MENC File Extension

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What is the .MENC file type?

The .menc extension stands for 'Mobile Encryption' (MENC), corresponds to the MENC file type and format and is assigned to encrypted files on Windows Mobile devices. The Mobile Encryption technology is used by the Microsoft (MS) Windows Mobile (WM) operating system as a way to offer protection of personal data.

A MENC file is an encrypted version of the original file. Filenames of MENC files always contain a GUID portion (Globally Unique Identifier) and look like [filename].[ext].{GUID}.menc. The GUID part is believed to be part of the cypher, so a .menc file with a deliberately changed GUID will have very low chances of successful decryption.

Activated with a user-selectable option, all MENC encryption/decryption is performed on-the-fly. Encrypted .menc files are shown to the user only if the files were moved to an external memory device (SD card etc.), or they cannot be transparently decrypted.

Encrypted MENC files can be decrypted only on the same device that initially encrypted them, otherwise the files are lost and useless.

Software to open or convert MENC files

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