THM File Extension

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What is the .THM file type?

The .thm extension is most frequently associated with small image thumbnail files that are automatically created by image-processing software to enable quick browsing and preview.

A THM thumbnail file is basically a downsized version of the original image, and normally comes JPEG-encoded. This means it can be opened and viewed with any JPEG-enabled viewer on any platform. A quick-and-dirty way would be to change the file's extension from .thm to .jpg.

THM thumbnails also exist for video files, in which case they store a small static image based on the first frame along with EXIF metadata. Video THM thumbnails share the same name with the corresponding video files.

Many photo and video cameras (especially, Canon cameras) would automatically save THM thumbnails along with photos and videos taken.

Being thumbnails, .thm files can be safely deleted in most cases, unless EXIF metadata (camera type, exposure, ISO number etc.) are needed for later use.

Alternatively, in earlier versions (1.1.x) of OpenOffice .thm files were used as configuration files, although in later versions the .thm extension associates with clipart gallery storage files.

The .thm extension can also be related to Sony Ericsson mobile phone theme files containing a set of images, sounds and settings for the user interface.

In an industrial environment, the .thm extension can be found in files that store machining instructions for Thermwood CNC routers with the use of Thermwood software.

Software to open or convert THM files

You can open THM files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
ACDSee Pro
ACDSee Pro by ACD Systems Ltd.
MAGIX Foto Manager
MAGIX Foto Manager by MAGIX AG

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