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What is the .BKM file type?

The main association of the .bkm filename extension belongs to the NX Bookmark (.bkm) file type/format. NX (Unigraphics, UG) is a major cross-platform computer-aided design (CAD), engineering (CAE), and manufacturing (CAM) solution from Siemens PLM Software. Among its wealth of features and capabilities, NX allows to use so-called bookmarks (.bkm).

In NX, a bookmark is a special file (.bkm) that servers as a re-usable snapshot of the current view, or context within an NX session, saving displayed parts or assemblies (with filters, if any), loaded components, etc. Such bookmarks (.bkm) allow to restore the saved context within the same or different NX session. The .bkm files themselves store no CAD or other actual data, acting instead as pointers that can be saved in arbitrary locations and opened in NX.

The CityGuide GPS navigation software developed by the Russian company MIT LLC for several mobile platforms and dedicated devices uses the .bkm extension to denote its speed camera ("SpeedCam.bkm") and traffic sign ("TraffSign.bkm") data files. The .bkm file is a regular text file with a long list of pipe ("|")-delimited entries, each line defining a speedcam, traffic sign, or potentially hazardous road area. Placed in the "CityGuide/CGMaps" directory on the SD card (Android), the .bkm files provide reference coordinates for visual and audio warnings in CityGuide during navigation and are easily customizable.

With reference to BizHawk, an open-source multi-system game console emulator, the .bkm extension is used in association with the BizHawk Game Movie (.bkm) file type and format. BKM is a text-based format used in previous versions of BizHawk (1.7.0 and earlier) to record gameplay sequences when running games on emulated game consoles such as Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Game Boy Advance (GBA). Later BizHawk versions use a different game movie format (.bk2).

Software to open or convert BKM files

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