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What is the .NES file type?

Primarily, the .nes extension associates with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ROM Image file format and the related file type (.nes). NES is the name of a hugely popular video game console, also known as FamiCom (Family Computer), that was developed and marketed by Nintendo in 1985-1995 worldwide.

NES was an 8-bit console that allowed to run cartridge-based games and required a TV connection. Numerous unlicensed NES clones (Dendy, etc.) contributed to the console's popularity, and NES continues its life in the emulation realm, with a number of NES emulators developed and released for all major platforms.

A .nes file is a ROM (Read-Only Memory) dump of a NES game cartridge. It is a virtual file-based equivalent of a NES game cartridge that can be used to play the game, using any NES emulator.

There are multitudes of developer's and user's tools to create, modify, and otherwise manipulate .nes files. Despite all original NES game software being patented by Nintendo, NES ROM images (.nes) are available for downloading from multiple sources on the Internet.

Apart from the above, the .nes extension also serves to denote Nessus plugin files (.nes), also referred to as C-Module files. Nessus is a comprehensive cross-platform proprietary network vulnerability scanner by Tenable Network Security. Nessus serves to search for known vulnerabilities, backdoors, wormholes, and other security-related issues in various network setups, using numerous plugin modules.

A .nes file is a Nessus plugin written in the C programming language. Besides Nessus, .nes files are also used by other network security scanners like Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) as "C-Plugins."

Software to open or convert NES files

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