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What is the .CDL file type?

The .cdl filename extension is primarily associated with the Adobe Audition CD List (.cdl) file type and format. This format was used by earlier versions of Adobe Audition (e.g., Adobe Audition 3), a commercial waveform editor by Adobe Systems (Microsoft Windows/Apple Mac OS X), to save lists of CD tracks authored as an Adobe Audition project. In a .cdl file, the complete list of all CD tracks in a given project is saved, providing information about the track order and storing track properties. CDL files could be saved using the 'Save CD List' menu command under File, after the CD tracks were arranged in CD View. Once saved, any CD list (.cdl) could be later re-opened in Adobe Audition to continue working on a CD project. In recent Adobe Audition versions, the .cdl file type is no longer used.

Additionally, the .cdl extension is used as a representation of the CD/DVD Druckerei Project (.cdl) file type and format. CD/DVD Druckerei is a paid CD/DVD label authoring application for Microsoft Windows by DATA BECKER GmbH (German only). CD/DVD Druckerei projects are saved as .cdl files, while project templates use the .cdt extension. In a binary format, a .cdl file stores data of a CD/DVD cover and/or label project created in CD/DVD Druckerei and saved for later use. Once installed, the CD/DVD Druckerei application associates itself with the .cdl file type.

The .cdl extension is also used by the Lexalytics Salience Engine, a versatile commercial tool for semantic text analysis by Lexalytics, to denote its Customer-Defined List (.cdl) files. Such a customer-defined list (.cdl) is a regular text file with a list of words, with a certain generic category assigned to each word. Saved in the "../entities/lists" directory, such .cdl files are used to create custom categories and categorization rules for the Lexalytics Salience Engine.

With reference to CADKEY, the .cdl extension represents the CADKEY Macro (.cdl) file type/format. CADKEY was a 2D CAD tool by CADKEY, Inc. (later, Kubotek USA, Inc.) that gave way to its successor, Kubotek's KeyCreator Direct CAD software, in 2003. In this context, the .cdl file represents a sequence of CADKEY editing actions recorded as a macro. CADKEY macros (.cdl) were used to work on complex parts to automate standard or repeated actions. Even with CADKEY obsolete, CADKEY macros (.cdl) can still be imported in many CAD systems.

In the scope of NetCDF, a data model, file format, and an application programming interface (API) developed by Unidata for scientific data processing, the .cdl extension is used to denote NetCDF Common Data form Language (CDL) files. Here, a .cdl file is a human-readable, structurally formatted text version of a NetCDF data file (.nc) converted from NetCDF's native binary format.

The .cdl extension is also related to the Circuit Description Language (CDL), in which connection it denotes the CDL Netlist (.cdl) file type. CDL is a specialized formal language used to describe electronic circuits, while a .cdl file is basically a circuit's netlist with a complete list of all component interconnections. CDL netlists are text-based and similar to SPICE netlists. Such files can be opened in several electronic design applications.

Besides, the .cdl extension was associated with the CaseWare Working Papers Document Link (.cdl) file type/format used by previous versions of CaseWare Working Papers, commercial engagement management and accounting software by CaseWare International Inc. Here, the .cdl file provides a link to one or more CaseWare Working Papers documents.

Software to open or convert CDL files

You can open CDL files with the following programs:
Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Audition Patch
Adobe Audition Patch by Adobe Systems Incorporated
HPH-Software ® GmbH CD/DVD-Druckerei

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