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What is the .XMF file type?

The .xmf filename extension is primarily associated with the Cal3D XML Mesh File (.xmf) file type and format. An open-source advanced skeleton-based character modeling and animation library, Cal3D is platform- and OS-independent and can be used as a plugin with major 3D modeling systems (e.g., Autodesk 3ds Max). Cal3D introduced a lineup of binary file formats for meshes, skeletons, animations, and materials, supplemented with their XML counterparts.

With reference to Cal3D, an .xmf file is an object's mesh definition. It is a text file in the XMF format, an XML version of the binary Cal3D mesh file format (.cmf) meant for data export purposes. The Cal3D project provides a range of tools and utilities to work with Cal3D's binary and XML formats, and there are also independent tools that can convert between the .cmf and .xmf mesh file formats.

Additionally, the .xmf extension represents the GameJack CD/DVD Image Metafile (.xmf) file type associated with the GameJack XMD/XMF disk image format. GameJack is a legacy paid CD/DVD drive emulator by S.A.D. that uses its own file format (XMD/XMF) to create disk images. XMD/XMF is a dual file format, in which an .xmf file is a metafile, holding metadata for the bulk image file (.xmd). The XMD/XMF disk image format is currently supported by several virtual CD/DVD applications.

In digital music, the .xmf extension stands for the Extensible Music Format (XMF) and the associated file type (.xmf). XMF is a container format developed by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) for rich music files that can incorporate MIDI sequences, DLS instrument samples, WAV waveform audio, etc. in one file. An .xmf file is an archive (optionally, ZLIB-compressed) with a directory tree with resource files inside. There are five types of the XMF file format (Type 0-4), intended for different content.

In relation to Oracle's XBRL Taxonomy Designer, the .xmf extension represents the Discoverable Taxonomy Set (DTS) Manifest (.xmf) file type. XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) is an internationally adopted XML language for exchanging all kinds of business data. XBRL involves the use of taxonomies, and an .xmf file keeps inventory of all schemas and links included in an XBRL taxonomy, making for quicker DTS discovery during taxonomy loading.

Apart from that, the .xmf extension also serves to denote the XDMF Data File (.xmf) file type and format. Standing for Extensible Data Model and Format, XDMF is a standardized formal method of exchanging large arrays of scientific and other computationally demanding data. XDMF is a dual format, using XML to store 'Light' data, and the binary HDF5 format to store 'Heavy' data. An .xmf file is an XML file that follows the XDMF schema.

Lastly, the .xmf extension also represents the XMF Source Code (.xmf) file type. XMF is a combined domain-specific modeling and programming language implemented as a Java executable. An .xmf file is a text file with XMF source code. XMF source-code files can be used with XModeler, an XMF application.

Software to open or convert XMF files

You can open XMF files with the following programs:
UltraISO by EZB Systems
UltraISO Premium
UltraISO Premium by RePack by Andreyonohov

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