7Z File Extension

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What is the .7Z file type?

Files with the .7z extension are compressed archive packages created with the help of the 7-Zip file archiver or similar compression utilities. .7z files are commonly used as a handy way of packing and transferring large files over the web.

The .7z file format provides a high compression ratio via strong compression algorithms. By default, LZMA compression and Rijndael/AES-256 encryption are used, but the format's open architecture enables implementing other compression/encryption methods. It is also possible to set the required level of compression and protect .7z files with a password.

With the 7z format, it is possible to split up files and directories into multi-part archives and then combining them back together. However, it can be problematic to unpack .7z files if one of the segments is missing. Another catch is that .7z files do not include the option of assigning access rights, so this file format may be inconvenient for archiving data or creating backups.

Software to open or convert 7Z files

You can open 7Z files with the following programs:
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
WinZip by WinZip Computing, S.L.
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov

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