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What is the .MMV file type?

An abbreviation of MicroMV, the .mmv filename extension stands for the MicroMV Video File (.mmv) file type and format. MicroMV was a distinct digital camcorder form-factor developed by Sony. It used miniature tape cassettes and relied on MPEG-2 compression. With no MicroMV camcorders released by Sony since 2006, the MMV file format is still supported by video editing and capture tools.

The .mmv file is a digital audio and video file created as a result of capturing the feed from a connected Sony MicroMV camcorder. To capture a video on a PC, one had to use Sony's proprietary Movie Shaker video editing software (discontinued). Once captured, the recording (.mmv) could be opened for editing, prior to which it was recommended to decompress the .mmv file's MPEG-TS content into the standard DV format.

Non-playable by popular media players directly, MMV video files can presently, however, be both captured from a MicroMV camera and opened in several video editors on both PC and Mac, as well as converted to other formats using such tools as ffmpeg or MPEG Streamclip. For some video editors, changing the extension from .mmv to .ts is required.

Apart from that, the .mmv extension has also been chosen by Makoto Mori, the author of the MMTTY, MMSSTV, MMVARI, and other digital amateur radio and RTTY software, as a label for incoming transmissions recorded as files via the sound card. Here, the .mmv file contains raw PCM audio data, not directly playable in media players. There is a free conversion tool (MMV2WAV) that can convert such .mmv files to the standard WAV's.

Software to open or convert MMV files

You can open MMV files with the following programs:
Nero MediaHome
Nero MediaHome by Nero AG
Nero MediaHub
Nero MediaHub by Nero AG
Nero Kwik Media
Nero Kwik Media by Nero AG
SyncUP by Nero AG

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