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What is the .TEXT file type?

Quite self-explicably, the filename extension .text may be used to represent generic text files that are much more commonly denoted with .txt extension. For text files, the .txt extension is a de facto standard inherited from the 8.3 MS-DOS era. A .text file is a plain-text document in which characters are represented by byte values in a certain encoding, e.g. UTF-8 which has become common and used by default by most software. Text files are normally human-readable and represent the simplest computer data format available. Certain text documents (.text, .txt) may have embedded markup or formatting. The encoding of text documents (.text, .txt) is usually automatically recognized by software. Text files can be opened, viewed, or edited using any text editor, text processor, or other software.

For all practical purposes, the .text and .txt suffixes refer to the same and are equivalent, although the .text file type might not be properly recognized by software, especially on the Microsoft Windows platform. In this case, the .text extension can be manually changed to the more common .txt.


Software to open or convert TEXT files

You can open TEXT files with the following programs:
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team
Texts by Text Software Limited
yBook by Spacejock Software

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