XLZ File Extension

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What is the .XLZ file type?

The filename extension .xlz is associated with the generic Zipped XLIFF Source (.xlz) file type. Standing for XML Localization Interchange File Format, XLIFF is a standard XML-based format for software and documentation translation that usually involves using Computer Aided Translation (CAT) systems. A typical XLIFF source file contains translatable text elements labeled as source and target.

The .xlz file itself is a regular ZIP archive with a modified extension. In a compressed form, it contains the mandatory XLIFF source file (.xlf) and may additionally contain other resources such as translation memory (TM) files, depending on its origin. For instance, in any .xlz archive created by Open Language Tools, the .xlf file is always paired up with its skeleton (.skl) file. Such XLZ files are created and can be directly opened by several CAT tools, including the legacy SDL Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench or the free Java-based Open Language Tools (XLIFF Translation Editor). Apart from that, the contents of any .xlz archive (.xlf, etc.) can be extracted using an archive manager and opened in a compatible CAT tool.


Software to open or convert XLZ files

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