FSTAB File Extension

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What is the .FSTAB file type?

An abbreviation of 'File System Table,' the ".fstab" character string is a dotted portion of a filename, rather than an extension. It belongs to the "/etc/vold.fstab" configuration file, with reference to the Android operating system (Google, Inc.) for touch-screen mobile devices. On GNU/Linux and other Unix-style OS'es, the same function is performed by the "/etc/fstab" configuration file.

One of system configuration files on Android, vold.fstab defines how and in what order filesystems are mounted during the system's boot. It is a regular text file that can be edited with a text editor. Editing the vold.fstab file requires the superuser rights (root) and involves a high risk of rendering the system unstable or non-functional. It is always a good practice to create a backup of the vold.fstab file before any changes are made.

The vold.fstab file is often used for tweaking on-boot filesystem mounts as well as 'hacking' storage devices. For instance, vold.fstab can be used for swapping a small internal storage with a larger SD-card volume as a rather messy workaround for some memory-limited Android devices.

Software to open or convert FSTAB files

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