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What is the .MBK file type?

The primary association of the .mbk filename extension belongs to the MAGIX Backup (.mbk) file type and format. Besides their numerous other software titles, MAGIX AG provides to Microsoft Windows users the PC Check & Tuning toolset with extensive data backup features.

The .mbk file is a MAGIX backup. It is a large container-type file in a proprietary format, holding user data backed up with MAGIX PC Check & Tuning. The software registers the .mbk file type during installation and associates its with the MAGIX Restore tool. Besides PC Check & Tuning, MBK backups can be processed by other MAGIX software such as MAGIX Speed BurnR.

Another use case of the .mbk extension relates to the OCLC Connexion Macrobook (.mbk) file type and format. Connexion is the name of the client software developed by the Online Computer Library Center/Catalog (OCLC) for public libraries. To facilitate common library tasks, the Connexion client supports macros, the use of which is documented by OCLC in great detail.

A single .mbk file is an OLE2 Compound Document Storage, containing OCLC Connexion macros in the source (.src) and binary (.bin) forms. To make a macrobook (.mbk) available in Connexion, the file should simply be placed into the "Program Files\OCLC\Connexion\Program\Macros" folder. The Connexion client includes several MBK macrobooks ("oclc.mbk," "dewey.mbk," etc.) maintained by OCLC.

As an abbreviation of 'Memo Book,' the .mbk extension stands for the Memo Book Database (.mbk) file type and format. Memo Book is a commercial Microsoft Windows Personal Information Management (PIM) tool from 7tech Limited that uses the Absolute Database engine and stores all data items inside encrypted single-file containers (.mbk). Such MBK databases can be opened with Memo Book or the free MbkViewer tool only, provided the password is known.

The MACREX professional indexing software (Microsoft Windows) from Macrex Indexing Services uses the .mbk extension for its MACREX index files. A MACREX index (.mbk) is a text-only file that lists index entries compiled against a text document (e.g., a book authored in a word processor). MACREX indexes can be embedded into Microsoft Word documents.

The .mbk extension also has to do with the LEGO Soccer Mania 3D Model (.mbk) file type/format, with reference to the LEGO Soccer Mania sports game from Silicon Dreams Studio. In a proprietary format based on triangle stripes, such .mbk files store 3D model data for the LEGO-style player characters that appear on the game's field.

Medisoft, a commercial medical practice management software from McKesson Corp. (Microsoft Windows), uses the .mbk extension for its backup data files (.mbk). A Medisoft backup (.mbk) contains a directory tree with multiple Medisoft database (.adt) files. It is a regular ZIP archive with a different extension, and as such, can be directly opened with any ZIP archiver. Medisoft backups (.mbk) are normally saved into a directory in the user's documents folder.

Software to open or convert MBK files

You can open MBK files with the following programs:
MAGIX Speed burnR (MSI)
MAGIX Speed burnR (MSI) by MAGIX Software GmbH
MAGIX Speed burnR
MAGIX Speed burnR by MAGIX Software GmbH
MAGIX Speed burnR (MSI)
MAGIX Goya burnR (MSI)
MAGIX Goya burnR (MSI) by MAGIX Software GmbH

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