CATSCRIPT File Extension

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What is the .CATSCRIPT file type?

The verbose filename extension .catscript (in fact, .CATScript) belongs to the CATIA CATScript Macro (.CATScript) file type introduced and used in CATIA, an established CAD system by Dassault Systèmes. To automate actions, several scripting languages were adopted and used throughout the succession of CATIA versions, ranging from CATScript to CATScript is an interpreted programming language, very similar to VBScript (Visual Basic Script), that was and still is used in CATIA for the recording and execution of macros.

A CATScript macro is a regular text file with the .CATScript extension that contains a CATScript program (script) written in plain text. Besides being recorded directly from CATIA's main GUI, any such CATScript macro can be written from scratch using a simple text editor. Once the text file is saved, its extension (normally, .txt) should be manually changed to .CATScript to make the file usable as a CATIA macro. Besides their native use in CATIA, CATScript macros can be imported in several other CAD systems. Various user-made CATIA macros in CATScript, VBScript, VBA, and are available from multiple sources on the Internet.


Software to open or convert CATSCRIPT files

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