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What is the .MIF file type?

Primarily, the .mif extension associates with the MapInfo Interchange Format (MIF) and the related file type. MapInfo is a common name of a series of powerful commercial GIS software products by Pitney Bowes Software (former MapInfo). MIF is an ASCII-based format that enables GIS-data interchange for a wide circle of MapInfo-compatible GIS software.

A MapInfo .mif file is a plaintext (ASCII) file that contains a header and a data section. The data section contains a set of statements with numerical coordinates that define the actual graphics to be visualized, while the header announces the format version and contains optional declarations. MIF files are usually used together with corresponding MID files that hold textual data and are part of the MIF format.

Besides MapInfo, MIF/MID files can be imported, processed and exported by many GIS applications.

In what concerns Adobe FrameMaker, the .mif extension represents the Maker Interchange Format (MIF) and the respective file type. Adobe FrameMaker is a commercial structured (XML-based) document authoring and desktop publishing solution by Adobe positioned for professional technical writing.

With FrameMaker, a MIF file is an alternative representation of a FrameMaker native document (.fm or .book) saved as an ASCII text file. Such a .mif file contains a complete and equivalent definition of a FrameMaker document in a text form. MIF is often used as an intermediary format for converting document files to/from FrameMaker.

The .mif extension is also used by ImageMagick, which is a multi-platform open-source set of bitmap image processing and conversion utilities by ImageMagick Studio LLC. With ImageMagick, a MIF file (more often with the .miff extension) is a bitmap image file in the Magick Image File Format (MIFF). A MIF file is a two-part file, as it contains a plaintext header and a binary bitmap data section.

With both the earlier Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) and the replacement System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) technologies, the .mif extension denotes the Management Information Format (MIF). In this context, .mif files are data files created and used by SMS/SCCM as software and/or hardware inventory reports.

In electronic engineering, the .mif extension stands for the Memory Initialization Format (MIF) and its associated file type. A MIF file is a plaintext (ASCII) file that defines initial values for a memory block. Such .mif files are used by developers of electronic (incl. computer) systems based upon programmable chips with embedded memory (CPLD/FPGA).

In connection with Symbian-based Nokia mobile phones, the .mif extension is assigned to icon resource files that contain sets of icon images in the SVG (or compressed SVGB) vector format. On a Symbian-based phone, application icons inside MIF icon sets are displayed in user menus.

Software to open or convert MIF files

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