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What is the .DOWNLOADING file type?

The filename extension .downloading represents the Pando Incomplete Download (.downloading) file type. Pando was a download manager application developed by the former Pando Networks for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X as a client for their hybrid server- and BitTorrent-based content distribution network. Pando's main purpose was to handle large file downloads. Pando should not be confused with the Pando Media Booster (PMB), a controversial download helper in MMORPG's. Both Pando and PMB have been discontinued since August 2013.

When a file was downloaded using Pando, the .downloading extension would be appended to its full name (e.g., "filename.avi.downloading"). The .downloading extension would be kept until the file is completely downloaded, and then automatically removed. By default, Pando saved its incomplete downloads in the "%UserProfile%\My Documents\My Pando Packages" folder.

Pando was known for its frequent failures to remove the temporary .downloading extension, with downloads stuck at 99%. In such cases, the .downloading extension was to be removed manually, and the file was to be checked for completeness (e.g., by size). If that failed, the file had to be re-downloaded.

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