CD2 File Extension

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What is the .CD2 file type?

The filename extension .cd2 is primarily associated with the Click'N Design 3D V5 (CND3DV5) Document (.cd2) file type/format. Click'N Design 3D is a legacy commercial (shareware) label design tool developed by Avery Products Corp. (Avery Dennison) and intended to be used with the CD Stomper CD/DVD label applicator.

Click'N Design 3D uses .cd2 files to store its label design projects. A .cd2 file is a binary container in Microsoft's Composite Document File V2 format that stores complete page layout of a CD/DVD or other label designed in Click'N Design 3D (CND3DV5).

The .cd2 file type is automatically associated with Click'N Design 3D during installation of the software. Apart from CND3DV5, .cd2 files can be also directly opened as Composite Document V2 archives, using one of several archive managers that support the format.

Quite differently, the .cd2 suffix may also act as a filename extension if it takes up a trailing position within a filename, and the original extension is either missing or concealed. This often happens with legacy movie files split over multiple CD disks and labeled with the .cd1, .cd2, .cd3 indexes in their filenames (e.g., "[filename].cd2.avi").

On Microsoft Windows, the "Hide extensions for known file types" option should always be turned off to avoid confusion. If the true extension is still missing, the ".avi" suffix should be added manually if it is a video file. Otherwise, one should look into the file's signature to determine its proper file type.

Software to open or convert CD2 files

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