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What is the .PRS file type?

The popular WWII aviation game IL-2 Sturmovik by 1C Publishing uses the .prs extension for its environment and sound-source preset files. Through multiple sound properties and references to individual .wav files, such a preset (.prs) changes the way the game sounds are played, depending on the airplane type, flight conditions, and the player's location. The .prs file is a text file. PRS presets for different airplanes (e.g., "bf109.prs" for Bf.109), motors, locations, and states are located in the "..\presets\sounds" and "..\presets\acoustics" folder of the game installation directory. In combination with their WAV sounds, PRS presets are heavily used for modding purposes.

With reference to certain Yamaha electronic keyboards (e.g., PSR-S910), the .prs extension denotes the Yamaha Pro Accompaniment Style (.prs) file type and format. In a binary format, the .prs file contains a set of MIDI events for a given accompaniment arrangement. Several Internet sites offer collections of such Pro styles (.prs) for Yamaha keyboards. For older keyboards, it may be necessary to change the file's extension from .prs to the traditional .sty, while by changing the extension to .mid, the file can be opened/edited in most music editors as a MIDI sequence.

CorelDRAW, a commercial vector graphics editor and part of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite by Corel Corp., uses the .prs extension for its CorelDRAW Print Style (.prs) file type. Located in the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5\Custom Data\Print Styles\" folder, such .prs files are text-based lists of various print settings. The default print style is represented by the "CorelDRAW Defaults.prs" file. CorelDRAW's Print dialog allows to create and save new print styles (.prs) and quickly apply them to the current print job.

In ArtRage, a commercial multi-platform bitmap graphics editor from Ambient Design Ltd. focusing on simulating natural painting, the .prs extension stands for the ArtRage Tool Preset (.prs) file type/format. PRS files store pre-defined settings for various artistic tools used in ArtRage. From the Presets panel, one can both save and import custom presets (.prs). A wealth of user-made presets and sticker sheets is available for downloading from various ArtRage-related sites.

On Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) entertainment devices, the .prs extension denotes PSP Internet radio player modules (.rps) that can be downloaded and installed onto a PSP console to enable listening to SHOUTcast or other Internet radio streams. The .prs file is a PSP binary saved into the "PSP/RADIOPLAYER" directory on the console's storage media. Besides Sony's official Internet radio players, a choice of custom .prs modules exists.

Additionally, the .prs extension represents the Photo Explosion Project (.prs) file type and format, with reference to the Photo Explosion (Deluxe) photo creativity software from Nova Development. Here, the .prs file is a scrapbook, photobook, or slideshow project authored in Photo Explosion. For publishing, such projects must be exported in one of the standard formats.

TRIGGER, a premium drum sampler for Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) by Slate Digital, uses the .prs extension for its preset files. In TRIGGER, a preset (.prs) is a small file with pre-defined filter, mixer, instrument, and other settings that can be quickly loaded and applied. TRIGGER presets are located in the "Trigger Instruments" folder.

In Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), the .prs extension represents the SigmaNEST Profile Sheet (.prs) file type/format used by the SigmaNEST CAD/CAM system by SigmaTEK Systems, LLC. In this context, the .prs file stores a set of profiled shapes arranged in a nested fashion within a sheet, to be precisely cut out on a CNC machine.

Another occurrence of the .prs extension has to do with well log presentation files (.prs) created and used in the Warrior well logging software from Scientific Data Systems, Inc. Warrior allows to select well log presentation (.prs) templates and modify them using the Format Editor. PRS presentation files are stored in the "%ProgramData%\Warrior\Format\" folder.

Lastly, the .prs extension often occurs as a generic label assigned to various preset files. A preset usually comprises a set of settings, preferences, or options that can be conveniently applied all at once. Presets (.prs) are widely used in all kinds of computer software, from graphical editors to radio players to musical studios, etc. Different programs may use their own preset formats, although plain ASCII text files are very common.

Software to open or convert PRS files

You can open PRS files with the following programs:
Généatique by CDIP
Photo Explosion
Photo Explosion by Nova Development
Photo Explosion 5 Deluxe
Photo Explosion 5 Deluxe by Nova Development

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