SVCLOG File Extension

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What is the .SVCLOG file type?

The .svclog filename extension denotes the WCF Trace Log File (.svcLog) file type and format associated with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), a flexible programming model used to facilitate the cross-language communication aspects of applications. WCF is a key component of Microsoft's .NET Framework providing a controlled programming environment and tools for creation of various software products. WCF extends the functionality of the .Net Framework by offering unified communication patterns to setup client/host message exchange.

Generated by WCF in case of service issues, .svcLog files allow developers to trace their application's operations. They keep log entries describing how long each element takes to execute, either between the source and destination states or through a set of intermediate timestamps. It is possible to configure tracing levels to control what type of messages will be sent, from critical failure alerts to general reports necessary to enhance the system performance. SVCLOG files can be filtered, opened, analyzed, and merged via WCF Service Trace Viewer Tool (SvcTraceViewer.exe) available from Microsoft.


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