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What is the .DVD file type?

The .dvd extension has its primary association with the DVD Image Metafile (.dvd) file type and format. The primary function of a DVD image metafile is to store layer-break data for DVD images of double-sided or double-layer (DL) DVD optical media (DVD+R-DL and others), basing on the position of the original layer break on the source media.

A DVD image metafile (.dvd) is not a disk image. It is a small text-based file with disk image metadata. Such .dvd files do not contain any binary data, which are stored separately (.iso or .001, .002, etc. files). DVD metafiles are usually created along with DVD images by various DVD cloning software, such as CloneDVD by SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes (illegal in some countries).

DVD files are referenced by DVD authoring and burning software to determine the correct layer break position during recording. Such .dvd metafiles are also usually recognized and properly handled by virtual-drive software.

Apart from that, the .dvd extension is used by several open/free video editors for GNU/Linux OS'es (e.g., OpenShot) to denote DVD-compatible output audio/video files created in such editors. In fact, such .dvd files use the DVD-standard VOB format, so the .dvd extension can be simply changed to .vob. Alternatively, such .dvd files can be imported into any DVD-authoring application as VOB's.

Additionally, the .dvd extension is used in association with the proprietary DVD database format developed by CAE for the use with CAE's ACTIVE.dvd data collection and control center management software. In this case, a .dvd file is a CAE DVD database, a large binary file intended to be handled with the proprietary CAE software.

Software to open or convert DVD files

You can open DVD files with the following programs:
VirtualCloneDrive by Elaborate Bytes
GOM Player
GOM Player by Gretech Corporation
GOM Player
GOM Player by GOM & Company

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