CPVC File Extension

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What is the .CPVC file type?

The filename extension .cpvc represents the file type Adobe Captivate Video Demo Project (.cpvc). It is a dedicated type of project files, used in Adobe Captivate—a commercial screencast and interactive content authoring tool by Adobe Software—to work with captured video. A .cpvc file is a Video Demo project created in Adobe Captivate. CPVC projects serve the purpose of capturing video demonstrations from the screen and editing them in Adobe Captivate. Unlike regular Captivate projects (.cptx), Video Demo projects (.cpcv) are used for video only and can be published to produce just MP4 video files, with all other publishing options (available for regular projects, .cptx) absent.

CPVC projects are produced through the Publish Video Demo dialog by specifying the filename, location, and quality settings for the newly-created MP4 video. Besides direct publishing, any .cpvc project can be inserted into another regular project (.cptx). By itself, any .cpvc file is a regular ZIP archive that contains a number of files in Adobe Captivate-specific formats. While such an archive can be opened and examined using a ZIP archiver, opening the .cpvc file in a proper timeline view and finally producing it to video is only possible with Adobe Captivate.


Software to open or convert CPVC files

You can open CPVC files with the following programs:
Adobe Captivate
Adobe Captivate by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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