Opening CHLS files

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What is the .CHLS file type?

Derived by abbreviation from 'Charles,' the .chls filename extension belongs to the Charles Session (.chls) file type/format. Charles is a proprietary web proxy and debugging tool by Karl von Radnow (XK72), available on a commercial basis for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux. Charles allows to record and monitor HTTP/HTTPS network traffic, providing a detailed insight into the process of server-client interaction.

Charles organizes its activities in sessions, during which HTTP requests and responses, traffic timing and size information, URL's, IP addresses, and other relevant data are recorded. The .chls file contains a log of a Charles session that can be re-opened later for analysis. Internally, each Charles session (.chls) is a Java serialization data file. Legacy Charles versions used a different serialization format denoted with the .ser extension.

Charles sessions (.chls) can be opened in Charles only. They are used for troubleshooting and diagnosing network issues. For viewing outside Charles, the program allows to export its sessions as XML, HTTP trace, or CSV files.

Software to open or convert CHLS files

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