HMI File Extension

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What is the .HMI file type?

The .hmi filename extension primarily denotes the SIMATIC WinCC Project (.hmi) file type and format in the scope of SIMATIC WinCC, a family of industrial automation solutions from Siemens AG.

The .hmi file represents a 'Human-Machine Interface' (HMI) project authored in the WinCC software. It defines a visualized control panel interface for a SIMATIC industrial line. To open and function properly, each .hmi file must have an associated log database file (.ldf), usually named "Project_log.ldf" for "Project.hmi". It is recommended by Siemens to include the .ldf files with the .hmi projects when archiving, otherwise the project files (.hmi) may fail to open.

HMI projects are sensitive to the WinCC version and environment. Failure to open certain .hmi projects in WinCC may be remedied by applying the latest patch or hotfix available from Siemens for the particular WinCC release.

Alternatively, the .hmi extension denotes the Human Machine Interfaces MIDI Music File (.hmi) file format. It is a proprietary format developed by the Human Machine Interfaces company for their MIDI-based game music driver. The .hmi file is a MIDI sequence, directly playable in some media players. Along with its earlier variant HMP, the HMI format was used in such MS-DOS games as Descent 1/2, Carmageddon, and others. There are unofficial HMI/HMP-to-MIDI converters.

Software to open or convert HMI files

You can open HMI files with the following programs:
Nextion Editor
WinCC flexible
WinCC flexible by Siemens AG
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc

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