WEBM File Extension

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What is the .WEBM file type?

The .webm file extension is universally associated with the WebM format, an open-source video format backed by Google, Inc. via the dedicated WebM Project. Stemming from the Matroska (MKV) container format, WebM has been specially developed for the Web.

For compatibility sake, WebM has quite a narrow definition. A .webm file can only hold a VP8-compressed video stream together with a Vorbis-compressed audio stream and must have the .webm extension. The VP8 compression algorithm provides for very good quality and decent performance, even on lower-grade machines and slow portable devices. Vorbis is an open-source general-purpose audio compression format, comparable to MP3 and AAC.

WebM video is natively supported by all browsers that support HTML5, with no plugins needed. The one exception is Microsoft Internet Explorer, which requires WebM MF components.

Currently, WebM media is gaining popularity thanks to its open format and support by large media sites like YouTube. Aside from browser-supported playback, .webm files are supported by many free and commercial software products.

Software to open or convert WEBM files

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