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What is the .WDP file type?

The primary association of the .wdp filename extension belongs to the JPEG XR Image (.jxr, .wdp, .hdp) file type and image file format. JPEG XR (formerly also known as Windows Media Photo and later, HD Photo) is a proprietary compression method for digital raster images and a container format for compressed image files. Developed by Microsoft in 2006 and initially released under a restrictive license, JPEG XR provides efficient lossless/lossy compression and can be compared to both JPEG and JPEG 2000.

A .wdp file is a JPEG XR image. Besides .wdp, other extensions such as .jxr (for JPEG XR) and .hdp (for HD Photo) are used interchangeably to denote JPEG XR images. Internally, the JPEG XR container is TIFF-like and uses Image File Directory (IFD) tags to label data chunks. JPEG XR (.jxr, .wdp, .hdp) is natively supported on the Microsoft Windows platform since Windows Vista and the .NET framework. Since Microsoft's release of the JPEG XR format specification on a BSD license, native JPEG XR support is also present in many software titles including several popular image viewers and bitmap editors.

Additionally, the .wdp extension represents the AutoCAD Electrical Project (.wdp) file type used by AutoCAD Electrical, a well-known commercial CAD system from Autodesk focused on electrical engineering. Such a .wdp file provides a text-based list of related AutoCAD Electrical drawings that make up a coherent project. Such WDP projects are organized using the software's Project Manager tool and can be directly opened and/or modified in a text editor. A detailed description of the WDP text format is available from Autodesk.

Another file type represented by the .wdp extension is WinDev Project (.wdp). WinDev is the name of a multi-platform commercial rapid application development (RAD) and runtime environment from PC SOFT, with additional similar products focused on the Web (WebDev) and mobile devices (WinDev Mobile). A WinDev project (.wdp) is a top-level logical entity that ties together its elements (templates, classes, windows, components, etc.). Physically, the project is represented by a single .wdp file, with all the other project elements residing in the same directory. WinDev projects (.wdp) can be opened in WinDev, WebDev, and WinDev Mobile.

Software to open or convert WDP files

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