CIL File Extension

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What is the .CIL file type?

The .cil file extension denotes the Microsoft Clip Gallery Download Package (CIL) file type and format associated with Microsoft Clip Gallery, an in-app clip art library allowing users to insert clip art images into PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and other files created with the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Microsoft Clip Gallery is now discontinued, with Microsoft Office 2010 being the last version in which this feature was provided.

A .cil file is a compressed archive encapsulating a collection of smaller .wmf clip art images (simple drawings of phones, cars, airplanes, charts, handshakes, lighting bulbs over one's head, etc.) and their associated information such as keywords and metadata. Such files were usually downloaded from the Microsoft Design Gallery Live website and unpacked with a double click. With software evolution, Microsoft Clip Gallery has become a thing of the past, and the corresponding CIL file format is no longer supported. Microsoft Office users can now find all kinds of graphics, including old-school clip art, using image search engines and insert them into documents using the Insert option.


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