RGB File Extension

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What is the .RGB file type?

Derived from the standard RGB (Red, Green, Blue) additive color model notation, the .rgb extension is associated with the SGI RGB color bitmap file type, part of the broader SGI Image File Format. The defunct SGI (initially, Silicon Graphics) company was a pioneer in high-performance Unix-based graphical workstations and developed its own generic bitmap file format. The SGI format specification has been published.

An .rgb file is a 24-bit RGB color bitmap image file in the SGI image file format. Besides the uncompressed (verbatim) mode, the SGI format also allows for RLE (Run Length Encoding) image compression. One .rgb file can hold one bitmap image.

SGI .rgb files are recognized and supported by most major image processors as well as image viewers in most user environments. Besides .rgb, SGI bitmap images can have other extensions like .rgba (32-bit RGBA images) and .sgi (generic extension).

With the same function as above, the .rgb extension can be occasionally found denoting the obscure generic Q0 24-bit RGB color bitmap image format also recognized and supported by most major image viewers/editors.

Software to open or convert RGB files

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