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What is the .CDP file type?

The filename extension .cdp is primarily associated with the Trainz Content Dispatcher Pack (.cdp) file type and the proprietary file format developed by Auran (N3V Games Pty. Ltd.) for their well-known railroad simulation program Trainz (Microsoft Windows). The name of the format (CDP) stems from the Content Dispatcher tool later renamed as Content Manager (CM).

A content pack (.cdp) is a large binary archive with 3D models, textures, bitmaps, sounds, and other data that makes up a Trainz engine, object, or entire location. The .cdp file serves as a temporary delivery container that gets deleted by Trainz, once its content has been processed and successfully imported for use in simulations. CDP content packs can be directly downloaded from Auran's official Download Station using CM or–if procured elsewhere–can be imported in CM via the "Import CDP" command. In the Trainz community, enthusiast users would often use the CDP format to package their own artwork for sharing.

Another association of the .cdp extension belongs to the Siglos Karaoke Playlist (.cdp) file type and format used by several paid karaoke authoring and playback tools by DOBLON such as Power CD+G Player, Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder, Siglos Karaoke Professional, etc. The .cdp file is a playlist generated by Power CD+G Player and saved in its own hybrid binary and text format. The .cdp file contains references (filenames with full paths) to multimedia files included in the playlist. Power CD+G Player associates itself with the .cdp file type by default.

Besides, the .cdp extension is associated with the legacy ConceptDraw PROJECT Document (.cdp) file type/format used by the early versions of ConceptDraw PROJECT. ConceptDraw PROJECT is an advanced paid project management application for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X developed by Computer Systems Odessa (CS Odessa) and distributed as part of their ConceptDraw Office suite. The .cdp file is a legacy ConceptDraw PROJECT document saved by an early version of the application. All recent versions of ConceptDraw PROJECT use XML and save their project documents as ZIP-compressed (.cdpz, default) or plain XML (.cdpx) files.

Another occurrence of the .cdp extension is related to CD/Spectrum Pro, a legacy shareware lightweight CD player with visualization capabilities from Synthesoft (PC/Microsoft Windows). Capable of keeping a local CD collection, CD/Spectrum Pro saves all its CD information in the "CDInfo.cdp" file in its installation directory. This .cdp file uses Microsoft's OLE2 Composite Document Storage format to store the CD collection entries in a database-like fashion.

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