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What is the .AVD file type?

The .avd extension is primarily used by Digital Video Recorder (DVR) devices and video surveillance systems, mostly of the Asian origin, to denote their video footage files (.avd). Usually saved in pair with index or metadata files (.avx or .avh), the .avd files use proprietary modified versions of the standard MPEG-4 container and are not directly playable by general-purpose multimedia software. Playback of such footage files (.avd) normally requires proprietary player tools that should be provided by the DVR system's manufacturer and bundled with the unit.

Additionally, the .avd extension represents the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Video Information File (.avd) file type and format. A popular commercial non-linear video editor for home users developed by MAGIX AG, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro offers a rich set of easy-to-use editing features. For each source clip included into a movie project, the program creates in its location one or two metafiles (.hdp and/or .avd) named after the clip. Such files store metadata for internal use by MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, accessed and updated automatically. Both .hdp and .avd files are safe to delete, as they will be re-created next time the project is opened and saved.

Besides, the .avd extension is assigned to updater files issued by Avid Technology, Inc. for updating USB dongles that are used as a license enforcement measure for Avid's commercial software, such as Avid Media Composer | Software. Requested and downloaded from a MyAvid account against a particular software title, the .avd updater file allows to reprogram a USB dongle device to match the renewed license period or added/removed options. Once downloaded, the .avd file is used to update the dongle through Avid's Application Manager tool.

Quite differently, the .avd extension also marks Android Virtual Device (AVD) directories automatically created for each virtual device by the AVD Manager tool, a part of the Android Studio device emulation and software development kit from Google, Inc. Located in "~/.android/avd/" (Mac OS X/Linux), each AVD directory (e.g., "KindleFireHD7.avd") matches one Android Studio virtual device and contains the device's configuration files (config.ini) and data (userdata.img).

Software to open or convert AVD files

You can open AVD files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
AnaVis by Learning Media
Movie Maker
Movie Maker by Microsoft Corporation

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