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What is the .CETRAINER file type?

The filename extension .cetrainer stands for the Cheat Engine Trainer Script (.cetrainer) file type used by Cheat Engine in conjunction with two distinct file formats. Cheat Engine is an open-source tool that allows to employ various computer game cheats (edit player's score, add resources/money, modify character statistics, etc.) by attaching to the game process and hacking its memory areas.

A set of cheats applicable to a particular game is saved as a cheat table (.ct), while the .cetrainer extension is used for Cheat Engine trainer scripts. When activated (incl. with a double-click), a .cetrainer file will cause Cheat Engine to silently run the contained script without any confirmation or dialog windows. An unprotected trainer script is the same as a regular cheat table (.ct), as opposed by protected .cetrainer files which are zlib-compressed binaries and cannot be opened for editing or review, only for execution. To open an unprotected script (.cetrainer) in Cheat Engine for editing, its extension should be changed back to .ct. Cheat Engine associates itself with both the .ct and .cetrainer file types.


Software to open or convert CETRAINER files

You can open CETRAINER files with the following programs:
Cheat Engine
Cheat Engine by Cheat Engine
Cheat Engine
Cheat Engine by Dark Byte
PDF Viewer for Windows
PDF Viewer for Windows by Vivid Document Imaging Technologies
µTorrent by BitTorrent Inc.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome by Google Inc.

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