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What is the .CDD file type?

The .cdd filename extension is primarily associated with the ConceptDraw PRO Document (.cdd) file type/format developed by Computer Systems Odessa (CS Odessa) for their commercial ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing tool, a part of the ConceptDraw Office suite. ConceptDraw PRO is available on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X under a cross-platform license. The .cdd file is a ConceptDraw PRO drawing saved in a proprietary binary format. Such files can be opened in ConceptDraw PRO only. Once opened, any .cdd document can be exported in a range of standard (PDF, HTML, SVG) and proprietary formats for publishing or sharing.

ConceptDraw PRO comes with a number of pre-made problem-oriented templates (.cdt) and samples (.cdd), located in the "Templates" and "Samples" subdirectories under topic sections of the "%ProgramData%\ConceptDraw Solution Park" folder. The most recent version of ConceptDraw PRO (version 10) uses a different document format (.cddz) by default, yet retains full support for CDD.

The .cdd extension is also used in association with the IBM Cognos Insight Workspace (.cdd) file type, with reference to the Cognos Insight Business Intelligence (BI) and data mining software from IBM. In a compressed form with optional password protection, the .cdd file saves the current IBM Cognos Insight workspace layout and references to imported TM1 cube data. Saved workspaces (.cdd) can be shared and published on a IBM Cognos TM1 server.

In automotive electronics, the .cdd extension represents the CANdela Diagnostic Data (CDD) file format developed by Vector Informatik GmbH, a major German provider of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) testing, calibration, and diagnostics solutions for the automotive industry. CDD is an XML format for defining formal ECU diagnostic specifications. The .cdd file is an XML document created in CANdelaStudio, the main specification authoring tool of the CANdela suite. CDD files can be opened in CANdelaStudio and CDD Viewer.

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