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What is the .XLB file type?

The .xlb filename extension represents the Microsoft Excel Toolbar (.xlb) file type. Microsoft Excel is an advanced spreadsheet application within the popular commercial office suite Microsoft Office by Microsoft Corp.

As one of its features, Microsoft Excel allows to customize the location, functionality, and appearance of its toolbars. Any changes made to the default toolbar settings are saved into an .xlb file. Normally, it is the "Excel[nn].xlb" or "Excel.xlb" file in the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel" folder (Windows 7 and later). The "nn" stands for a numeric index denoting Excel's version (e.g., "Excel14.xlb"). The recent Excel versions additionally store their Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) settings in the "Excel.qat" file in "%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office."

The .xlb file is not an Excel spreadsheet workbook. It only stores toolbar customizations in the current user's context. To revert to the default settings, it suffices to simply delete the "Excel[nn].xlb" file from its location, with Excel closed.

Alternatively, the .xlb extension stands for the OpenOffice Basic Library (.xlb) file type. Apache OpenOffice is an open/free (FOSS) office productivity suite currently developed under The Apache Software Foundation. Apache OpenOffice is the most popular FOSS office solution, having spawned several independent forks like LibreOffice.

In OpenOffice and its derivatives, the .xlb file is a text-based XML document that describes a library of OpenOffice.org Basic script modules (.xba) providing a certain added functionality. There are two standard .xlb files, "script.xlb" and "dialog.xlb," per each module's subdirectory under "/usr/lib/openoffice/share/basic" (Linux). All XLB files are linked to their Basic library container files (.xlc).

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