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What is the .SCR file type?

The primary and most frequent association of the .scr extension is with the Screensaver Application (SCR) file type in Microsoft (MS) Windows.

An SCR file is an executable file (EXE) in the Windows-specific executable format (PE) that can be directly run by the system. SCR is a special screensaver application, usually small in size, intended to run after a set inactivity period to temporarily (until any user action) replace the user's desktop with a blank screen or moving figures, slideshows or any other imagery.

While the initial idea behind a screensaver was not to let the same pixels be continuously lit when the machine is idle so as to prolong the life of the monitor's CRT screen, now screensavers are mainly used for screen-locking or decoration purposes.

All Windows versions come with several .scr screensavers pre-installed (the default location: "C:\Windows\System32"), and additional screensavers can be installed. Because .scr files in Windows could be directly run just like EXE files while bypassing some system security checks, the .scr extension was earlier used by malware to masquerade as screensaver files.

Alternatively, the .scr filename extension also stands for 'Script' and can be associated with script files (SCR). A script is a pre-programmed sequence of actions to be performed by a system or application. Scripts are used as a way of automating repetitive and routine tasks that can be formalized and programmed, especially in large and complex environments (like CAD applications).

An SCR script file is usually a plaintext file containing the source code of a script that must be interpreted in order to be run by a scripting framework provider. Many applications use .scr files to store their scripts, and although .scr script files can be opened/edited with a text editor, using application-specific editing tools is often more convenient.

Software to open or convert SCR files

You can open SCR files with the following programs:
EAGLE by Autodesk, Inc.
CryptoPrevent by Foolish IT LLC
BricsCAD by Bricsys
Autodesk Ecotect Analysis
Autodesk Ecotect Analysis by Autodesk, Inc.

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