PPS File Extension

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What is the .PPS file type?

The .pps filename extension serves to distinguish Microsoft (MS) PowerPoint Presentation SlideShow (PPS) files and the respective file type. PPS is a proprietary binary file format developed by MS and used in earlier versions of MS Office (prior to MS Office 2007). Starting with MS Office 2007, PPS has been replaced with PPSX, an XML-based version of the same format.

PPS files are basically multimedia presentation files created and saved with MS PowerPoint. Presentations saved with the .pps extension contain a series of slides that are programmed to be displayed in sequence. Any PPT presentation can be saved as PPS. Such .pps files can be opened with MS PowerPoint, a free PowerPoint Viewer utility available from MS, or any open-source office suite that supports the PPS format. Many third-party image viewing utilities also support PPS presentations.

In MS PowerPoint, a PPS presentation will always open in the full-screen slideshow mode for convenience, although it can be switched back to the normal editing mode once it is opened.

Software to open or convert PPS files

You can open PPS files with the following programs:
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office by Microsoft Corporation
LibreOffice by The Document Foundation

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