VSDX File Extension

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What is the .VSDX file type?

The .vsdx extension is used solely in association with the Microsoft (MS) Visio 2013 Drawing (VSDX) file type and format. MS Visio 2013 is the latest of the MS Visio product series and part of the popular MS Office 2013 suite. MS Visio 2013 is a versatile drawing application best suited for creating vector-based flowcharts, diagrams, schematics, etc.

VSDX is the newer, OPC-compliant format (OPC, Open Packaging Conventions) that came as a replacement for the previous VDX. Similar to Open XML formats (.xlsx, .docx, etc.), VSDX is XML-based and uses a single ZIP container for all document data.

A .vsdx file is a Visio 2013 drawing in form of a ZIP archive comprised of both document parts (content: text, images, shapes) and relationship parts (form and structure).

One can open, edit and save .vsdx drawings in MS Visio 2013, or open them in MS Visio 2010 (with the Visio Compatibility Pack installed). Additionally, VSDX files can be read as documents in several other office suites as well as viewed as ZIP archives with any archive manager (changing the .vsdx extension to .zip may be required).

Software to open or convert VSDX files

You can open VSDX files with the following programs: 

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