CFGE File Extension

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What is the .CFGE file type?

The .cfge filename extension is assigned to encrypted configuration files used in downloadable simple PC games by iWin, Inc., such as Family Feud or Jewel Quest. Apparently as a copy protection measure, iWin chose to encrypt all game graphics and most game configuration files in their games. Encrypted game files have the "e" character appended as a suffix to their normal extensions. For instance, when encrypted, regular configuration files (.cfg) are renamed as .cfge, just like encrypted JPEG images receive the .jpge extension. iWin games create no associations for the .cfge and .jpge file types.

Encrypted configuration files (.cfge) are usually located in the "cfg" subfolder of the game installation directory. Each of the .cfge files is responsible for certain aspects of the game behavior—for instance, the "scores.cfge" file stores the game's score table. Such encrypted graphics (.jpge) and configuration (.cfge) files can be read and deciphered by the iWin game engine only. Neither .cfge, nor .jpge files can be opened opened with any other program.


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