VTI File Extension

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What is the .VTI file type?

The .vti filename extension has its primary association with the ParaView/VTK XML Image Data (VTI) file type and format. VTK stands for Visualization Toolkit, which—together with ParaView, a standalone 2D/3D visualization application—represents an open-source multi-platform project backed by Kitware, Inc. ParaView and VTK are used to visualize all kinds of data in scientific, industrial research, medical and many other environments.

VTI is an open and documented structured serial format that allows to describe and reproduce complex geometric forms. A .vti file is a plaintext file that contains a XML-based definition of an image to be rendered. Inside a .vti file, there are formula and image description sections, supplemented with a serialized appended data block (e.g., bitmap data).

Besides ParaView/VTK, VTI images are understood, parsed and correctly processed by many other visualization applications, as those either incorporate VTK routines or provide own parsers.

Alternatively, the .vti extension was once used in connection with digital video files (e.g.,'\HDDVD_TS\HVA00001.vti') on High-Definition DVD (HD-DVD) video disks. The HD-DVD format is deprecated since 2008.

Software to open or convert VTI files

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