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What is the .SKJ file type?

The filename extension .skj has its primary association with the Silver Key Job Script (.skj) file type. Silver Key by Inv Softworks LLC is a paid cryptographic utility for secure file transfers, with a limited free version available. Silver Key operates by creating AES-encrypted parcels (.sk) from user files that can be safely sent via common communication channels, decryptable only by the intended receiver.

To automate file encryption and parcel creation, Silver Key allows to use job scripts. A Silver Key job script (.skj) is a regular text file in which necessary file actions are programmed in sequence. SKJ files use an INI-like syntax and consist of the [Header] and [Job] sections. Although any job script (.skj) can be directly written in a text editor, Silver Key provides its Parcel Designer tool for automated script generation. When activated through the context menu or otherwise, the .skj file is simply executed by Silver Key.

Additionally, the .skj extension is associated with the ski jumper (.skj) files created and used by Deluxe Ski Jump 4 (DSJ4), a ski-jumping simulation game developed for Microsoft Windows by Mediamond (J. Koskela). In DSJ4, each .skj file placed in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\Deluxe Ski Jump 4\Ski Jumpers" folder represents an individual ski jumper. The .skj file itself is a small binary data file, in which the jumper's profile is stored. User-made ski jumper files (.skj) for DSJ4 are shared on the game's official forum.

The open/free MIDI sequencer and musical editor Sekaiju, written by kuzu for Microsoft Windows, uses the .skj extension for its Sekaiju Sequence (.skj) file type/format. A .skj file represents a single musical composition authored or arranged using Sekaiju. Technically, the file stores a sequence of MIDI events along with projects settings such as track color, port mappings, etc. Such .skj files can be opened in Sekaiju only.

Software to open or convert SKJ files

You can open SKJ files with the following programs:
Silver Key Standard Edition
Silver Key Standard Edition
Silver Key Standard Edition by Inv Softworks LLC
Silver Key Free Edition
Silver Key Free Edition by Inv Softworks

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