MGU File Extension

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What is the .MGU file type?

Associated with the Band-in-a-Box Song (.mgu) file type, the filename extension .mgu denotes song files created by/for Band-in-a-Box (BIAB), a commercial all-in-one music workstation for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X from PG Music Inc. BIAB songs are saved with different filename extensions, depending on whether a song has a melody, and whether it uses one of the built-in styles.

In particular, the .mgu extension is assigned to song files that have a melody ('M' for Melody) and are not based on any built-in styles ('U' for User). The second character in any BIAB song extension is always 'G'. Thus, an .mgu file is a BIAB song that has a melody and its own accompaniment style. It is a small-sized (below 10 Kbytes) binary file in which a performance sequence for a musical piece is encoded in BIAB's internal format. MGU files are not MIDI files, and contain no waveform data either. BIAB songs (.mgu, etc.) can be natively opened in BIAB only and imported in some notation editors (score only).


Software to open or convert MGU files

You can open MGU files with the following programs:
Band-in-a-Box by PG Music Inc.
Movie Maker
Movie Maker by Microsoft Corporation

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