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What is the .WWB file type?

The .wwb filename extension is primarily associated with the Workshare Workbook (WWB) file type/format. WWB is used by Workshare Professional, part of the Workshare family of collaboration solutions for different business environments. Workshare Professional allows its users to share, modify and compare documents, track changes in documents, exchange files securely, produce combined PDF workbooks, etc. Workshare has been steadily popular in legal IT circles.

A Workshare workbook file (.wwb) is a project-type file created in Workshare Professional with the 'Combine files' tool. The file represents a list of documents in different formats, selected for conversion into a single PDF file (workbook).

The WWB file type is registered with the installation of Workshare Professional, and .wwb files can be used to produce PDF's through the right-click menu.

Apart from that, the .wwb extension can also be used in association with the older WYSIWYG Web Builder Template (WWB) file type/format. WYSIWYG Web Builder is a visual web page editor that allows to create web pages without knowing HTML, or other web-related markup and/or programming languages. To assist users with page creation, Web Builder relies heavily on templates.

WWB is the older template file format/type used by earlier versions of Web Builder, with the current template format being WTP (.wtp). Older WWB templates are recognized by all current versions of Web Builder. All Web Builder templates should be located in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\templates" directory.

Additionally, the .wwb extension denotes the WoodWorks Sizer Beam (WWB) file type and format utilized by WoodWorks Sizer, part of the WoodWorks CAD (Computer-Assisted Design) software family developed by the Canadian Wood Council (CWC). With WoodWorks Sizer, a .wwb file is a representation of a beam, a horizontal structural element in wood-based architecture. WWB beam files are created with WoodWorks Sizer in the Beam Mode, and can be incorporated into larger designs.

Software to open or convert WWB files

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