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What is the .GTP file type?

The .gtp filename extension primarily associates with the Guitar Pro 1.x/2.x Tablature (.gtp) file type and format, natively used by earlier versions (<3.0) of the commercial guitar tablature editor Guitar Pro (Microsoft Windows/Apple Mac OS X/Linux) from Arobas Music.

The .gtp file is a Guitar Pro tablature (a transcription of guitar music through fret chords) saved in the legacy 1.x/2.x version format. The initial GTP format was expanded with each new Guitar Pro release, and versioned filename extensions were introduced (.gp3 for Guitar Pro 3, and so on). All Guitar Pro files can be identified by their ASCII signatures ("FICHIER GUITAR PRO" plus version) in the file's header.

Although GTP is a proprietary format designed for Guitar Pro only, several alternative tablature editors support it and allow to open and save .gtp files.There are vast collections, both paid and free, of Guitar Pro tablatures (.gtp, .gp3, .gp4) on the Internet covering all popular guitar music, especially of the rock style.

Additionally, the .gtp extension is used as a conventional designation of the Top Paste Mask Gerber files generated for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) projects in Altium Designer (Altium Limited). Such a .gtp file defines the soldering paste application pattern (stencil), described in the industry-standard Gerber format. Gerber files, the standard filename extension for which is .gbr, can be directly feed to Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) tools for fabrication.

On operating systems with the GNOME (GNU Object Model Environment) desktop, usually GNU/Linux, the .gtp filename suffix denotes the GNOME Theme Package (.gtp) file type. Such a theme package is a regular gzip-compressed TAR archive (.tar.gz) that contains the theme's resources controlled by the main "index.theme" file. Opening a .gtp file in GNOME should install the file's contents and launch the GNOME Control Center at its Appearance tab.

Software to open or convert GTP files

You can open GTP files with the following programs:
Guitar Pro
Guitar Pro by Arobas Music
TuxGuitar by Herac
TuxGuitar by TuxGuitar

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