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What is the .CRYPT file type?

The .crypt extension mainly goes with the Folder Crypt Encrypted File (.crypt) file type and the associated proprietary file format that uses both compression and encryption. Folder Crypt is a commercial (shareware) directory/file encryption utility developed by LittleLite Software for Microsoft (MS) Windows. In its data encryption, Folder Crypt relies on strong encryption algorithms such as DES, AES, Blowfish, etc.

A .crypt file is an encrypted and compressed archive file automatically created by Folder Crypt as a result of folder or file encryption. The .crypt file is an encrypted (password-protected) copy of the original 'plaintext' file(-s) or folder(-s).

A CRYPT file cannot be opened in any way, unless a proper password is known, and Folder Crypt properly recognizes the file and decrypts it.

The same .crypt extension can also appear in connection with money extortion. There are so-called 'ransom viruses' (Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Gpcode.xx, Virus.Win32.Gpcode.xx, etc.) that exploit vulnerable machines running MS Windows to infiltrate and encrypt all potentially valuable user files.

In that case, all document files, executables, etc. found by the virus would be encrypted with the key-based asymmetric RSA algorithm and assigned the .crypt extension in addition to the original extension. The virus would then delete the original files and display a message, extorting a sizable ransom for decryption of the files.

Sometimes, it may be possible to decrypt the original files with an antivirus scanner or virus removal tool. In most cases, though, restoration is only possible through undeleting the original files deleted by the virus (e.g., using an advanced undelete utility).

Software to open or convert CRYPT files

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