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What is the .PLP file type?

The filename extension .plp is primarily associated with the Messenger Plus! Sound Pack (.plp) file type/format used by Messenger Plus!, a free user experience enhancement add-on for the Microsoft Windows Live Messenger and Skype from Yuna Software (Patchou). Messenger Plus! expands the video and text chat functionality of both clients by adding animated emoticons (winks), custom emotion sounds, video recording, and other features. For custom emotion sounds, Messenger Plus! uses its own container format (.plp).

The .plp file is a relatively large binary container in which compressed MP3-encoded (MPEG-1 Layer 3) audio streams are stored as chunks. A selection of sound packs (.plp) is available for downloading from the official website of Messenger Plus!. Being just an assortment of various MP3 sounds, each Messenger Plus! sound pack (.plp) can be directly opened for sequential playback in several general-purpose media players.

Besides, the .plp extension associates with the ArchiCAD Teamwork File (.plp) file type and format used by ArchiCAD, a powerful architectural CAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling) system by GRAPHISOFT. In previous ArchiCAD versions (12 and earlier), support for collaborative work involved several types of ArchiCAD Teamwork projects (.plp, .plc, .pca, etc.). In particular, .plp files were used to store Teamwork sessions, keep track of their users, and provide references to external resources. In later versions, ArchiCAD Teamwork is based on the BIM Server technology and relies on a different workflow, although legacy Teamwork projects (.plp and others) can still be opened via the "Open Project" command and converted to the latest workflow with certain limitations.

With reference to FotoSlate, a paid photo and image layout editor and printing tool from ACD Systems, the .plp extension denotes the FotoSlate Project (.plp) file type. Here, the .plp file is a normal XML document that describes a multi-paged layout with individual page and visual style settings and provides references to external image files. FotoSlate associates itself with the .plp file type by default.

Additionally, the .plp extension is assigned to project archives created for the Progressive Learning Platform (PLP), an open FPGA-based System-On-a-Chip (SoC) programming project for students. Each .plp file is a regular tar archive (a tarball), conveniently packaging all files and resources included in a PLP project (source files, PLP metafile, target binaries, etc.). Outside the PLP environment, such files can be directly opened as archives on any system using an archive manager, capable of handling tarballs.

PolarPlot, a free-to-use Microsoft Windows program by G.R.Freeth to measure and display power readings for beam antennas, uses the .plp extension for its polar diagram files. A .plp file like this is a regular text-based CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file in which a list of field strength values is given, to be plotted on a grid in PolarPlot.

Software to open or convert PLP files

You can open PLP files with the following programs:
Messenger Plus!
Messenger Plus! by Yuna Software
Messenger Plus! Live
Messenger Plus! Live by Yuna Software
ArchiCAD 18 INT

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