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What is the .SPX file type?

The .spx filename extension primarily belongs to the Speex Audio File (.spx) file format and type. Speex is an open/free audio codec developed and maintained by Xiph.org within the Ogg framework. Speex specifically targets speech recording and speech data transmission over unreliable packet-based networks. Designed for VoIP (Voice-over-IP), Speex handles several bandwidths, supports variable bitrate, noise reduction, echo cancellation, voice detection, etc.

An .spx file is a digital audio file, a speech recording encoded with the Speex codec and packaged into an Ogg container file. SPX is supported by a number of applications, from teleconferencing to audio editors to games. Direct playback of .spx files is possible with several multimedia players (also via DirectShow plugins).

Although still publicly available and maintained, the Speex codec has given way to Opus, a more advanced and a generally better open/free codec (IETF RFC 6716).

On Mac OS X, the .spx extension is alternatively associated with profile files generated by the System Profiler tool which is integrated into the OS. System Profiler gathers information about a system's hardware and software resources and can save the data as XML (default), RTF, or plaintext (TXT) files.

An .spx file is a text-based XML report with a detailed listing of system configuration facts. SPX files can be saved to any user-specified location and can have different levels of detail. An .spx profile can be natively opened on any Mac OS X machine, as the SPX file type is pre-associated with System Profiler in Mac OS X. Outside System Profiler, SPX profiles can be opened with any text or XML editor, giving an unprocessed XML code view.

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