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What is the .CS file type?

The primary association of the .cs filename extension belongs to the C♯ Source Code File (.cs) file type with reference to the object-oriented programming language C♯ (C Sharp). Developed by Microsoft and standardized as ECMA-334 and ISO/IEC 23270, C♯ derives much from C++ and Java and has several implementations, besides Microsoft .NET Framework.

In this context, a .cs file is a text file with the C♯ source code, usually formatted and indented for easier reading and debugging. Such a .cs file is a computer program that must be properly compiled with the use of a C♯ compiler, most commonly within an IDE (Microsoft Visual Studio, DotGNU, or other).

Any C♯ source code file (.cs) can be opened in a text editor for viewing and editing. Usually, programmers prefer to use power editors with syntax highlighting, code completion, and other handy features. For convenience, the .cs file type often gets associated with such an editor.

Another occurrence of the .cs extension has to do with the CLEO Custom Script (.cs) file type/format that has become popular with reference to the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series of violence video games by Rockstar Games. CLEO is a third-party plugin library, enabling extension of the out-of-the-box GTA games with numerous user-written mods.

A .cs file is a compiled version of a CLEO script. CLEO custom scripts (.cs) are usually authored, using the Sanny Builder script editor. To enable a CS script, the .cs file is to be simply placed into the "cleo" subdirectory of the game installation folder. The current version of CLEO equally treats .cs and .cs4 files, while turning on the compatibility mode for legacy .cs3 scripts.

Additionally, the .cs extension stands for the ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme (.cs) file type and format used with ColorSchemer Studio, a commercial color manipulation application for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. A .cs file is a color scheme created and saved with ColorSchemer Studio. It is a small binary file in a proprietary format, with the "CS" signature at its header. Such .cs files are meant to be opened in ColorSchemer Studio only.

Software to open or convert CS files

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